Components of a Solar Inverter

  • Capacitors- are used to filter ripple contents (undesirable phenomenon due to semi-conductor switching) on dc lines. It is also be used to keep the dc bus voltage stable and minimize losses between the PV array and the inverter.
  • Software and monitoring - the software designed to run on the inverter’s digital signal processor or microcontroller. Data monitoring is important since it lets owners and installers know its status and provides quick alerts if there are any faults.
  • Solid state switches – they are basically a combination of power semiconductors – IGBTs, Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFETs) or both in some cases – to invert dc to ac power.
  • Magnetic components – these include the inductor and the transformer to filter the wave shapes and smoothening them, and bring ac voltages to the correct levels for grid interconnection. They also provide isolation between the dc circuits and the ac grid.