Types of Solar Inverters

The schematic below illustrates the basic types of solar inverters.

Off Grid Inverters These inverters are used in isolated systems wherein the inverter is fed DC power from a battery bank. This battery bank is charged by solar panels.
Grid Tie Inverters An inverter which is connected to the grid can be said to be a grid tie inverter. These inverters feed power in the electricity grid by matching the phase & frequency (50Hz in India) of the output AC power with the utility supplied AC power.
Battery backup Inverters These special types of inverters are especially designed to draw energy from a battery. The battery charge is maintained by using an onboard charger and the extra energy is exported to the grid.
Micro Inverters It is a device used in photovoltaics that converts Direct Current (DC) generated by a single solar module to Alternating Current (AC) and collection thus harvesting optimum power by performing maximum power point tracking for its connected module.